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Where Are Skechers Made (Answered)

When discussing popular footwear brands, Skechers often comes to mind. 

With a wide range of styles and a focus on comfort, it’s no wonder that consumers might be curious about where these shoes are made. 

To provide a clear picture of Skechers’ manufacturing process, it’s essential to delve into not only the company’s background but also the locations of its factories.

Where Are Skechers Made: Skechers, an American footwear company, has its headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California. While they design their shoes and develop marketing campaigns in the United States, the actual manufacturing of Skechers products takes place overseas, primarily in China, and Vietnam. 

The company collaborates with independent factories to produce their footwear, ensuring a smooth and efficient manufacturing process.

Key Takeaways

  • Skechers’ initial designs and marketing strategies are developed at their headquarters in California
  • The company’s footwear is primarily manufactured overseas in countries such as China, and, Vietnam.
  • Skechers works with independent factories to create their products

Skechers Company Background

Skechers History

Skechers is an American company founded in 1992, with its headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California.

Growing rapidly, it has become the second-largest athletic footwear brand in the United States in 2015, with Nike as the largest.

The company has expanded its production to multiple facilities around the world, primarily located in countries like China, India, and Vietnam.

Product Lines

Skechers offer a wide range of products for various purposes, including:

  • Sport Shoes: Designed for athletic activities, these shoes provide support, comfort, and performance benefits for various sports and workouts.
  • Casual Shoes: Perfect for everyday wear, these shoes combine style and comfort for all-day wear.
  • Work Shoes: Built for the workplace, these shoes provide safety features, durability, and comfort to keep you focused on the job.

Factory Locations


Skechers primarily manufactures its shoes in China.

The country is a major shoe manufacturing hub and is home to factories for other athletic footwear companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

Skechers benefits from the established infrastructure, skilled workforce, and lower cost in China.


In addition to China, Skechers also has manufacturing facilities in Vietnam.

These factories play a significant role in producing the brand’s footwear.

Vietnam is known for its competitive production costs and high-quality manufacturing standards in the shoe industry.

Other Countries

Skechers also sources its footwear from other countries, but we decided to focus on the main ones with this article.

This diverse manufacturing base allows Skechers to maintain a global presence and meet the needs of customers in various locations.

Ethical Manufacturing

Labor Conditions

The brand has a commitment to ethical manufacturing and requires its factories to follow strict standards.

These include providing safe and healthy working conditions and prohibiting forced labor and child labor.

Environmental Approach

Skechers takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

For example, all of their factories use master cartons that are 100% recyclable and produced with soy- or water-based ink.

This environmentally-friendly approach helps reduce waste and the negative impacts of shoe production on the environment.

Future of Skechers Manufacturing

Although the company is based in California, many businesses nowadays choose to produce their goods in other countries due to the potential cost savings.

In recent times, Skechers faced supply chain constraints that could have an impact on its manufacturing plans for the future.

To ensure a stable supply chain, Skechers might explore other regions or strategies for production.

This could lead the company to build more factories or partner with additional contractors in different countries.

While there’s no certainty about what will happen, these factors can shape the path that Skechers takes regarding their manufacturing decisions.

Keep an eye on the company as it navigates an ever-changing global market.

Take Away

If you’re a fan of Skechers shoes, it’s good to know where are Skechers made.

The company has managed to keep up with the competition and deliver high-quality products by manufacturing in multiple countries.

Just like any other brand, Skechers aims to provide comfortable and stylish shoes for people all over the world.

Check below if you have any other questions that were not answered above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers produced in the USA?

No, most Skechers shoes are not produced in the USA. The majority of their manufacturing takes place in China and Vietnam. Skechers uses independent contractors for their manufacturing, which allows them to move production locations if needed.

Which shoes are made in China?

Many popular shoe brands, including Skechers, have their shoes made in China. In fact, most of the world’s shoes are made in China. Other brands with Chinese manufacturing include Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

Where do New Balance manufacture their shoes?

New Balance is known for producing some of their shoes in the United States. However, they also manufacture shoes in other countries such as China, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom.

What brands make sneakers in the US?

There are a few shoe brands that still produce sneakers in the US, including New Balance and some smaller, boutique brands. However, the majority of sneaker manufacturing has moved to countries with lower production costs, such as China and Vietnam.

Where is Skechers’ main office located?

Skechers’ main office is located in Manhattan Beach, California. This is where their corporate headquarters and design teams are based.

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