What Are Boxer Briefs?

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What are boxer briefs, you ask? Boxer briefs are a cross between your regular briefs and the more baggy boxer shorts. It has the same boxy shape but with a snug fit. 

The main feature is that the front area doesn’t squeeze your manhood tight like how briefs do. Instead, boxer briefs gently cup your privates and some are even designed to give you a little extra room if needed.

Boxer briefs give you the best of what briefs and boxers can offer. Personally, it’s my underwear of choice for daily use and most activities. But it wasn’t always my first choice. 

Of course, I was wearing regular briefs like most guys. That’s what parents made many little boys wear and what we got used to. But when I got to try on boxer briefs for the first time, I never looked back.

Here’s a rundown on the invention of boxer briefs, what made it popular, and how it compares to boxer shorts.

When Were Boxer Briefs Invented?

Boxer briefs were introduced to the male consciousness by a popular men’s underwear brand in the early 1990s. But, it was a different brand’s version that launched it into the spotlight and triggered its popularity.

However, some say boxer briefs have been around since 1925. It was manufactured by the same underwear brand that reintroduced it in the 1990s. Unfortunately, they didn’t gain as much of a following and stayed under the radar until the 90s hit.

Boxer briefs were invented to provide the support briefs offer, but with a boxer shorts’ comfort and breathability. It was an underwear option that offered the best of both worlds.

At the start, boxer briefs were made with cotton. Eventually, they were made using different fabrics and came in various designs, colors, and styles. 

When To Wear Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are ideal with slim bottoms and activewear. But given their fit and comfort, you can wear them whenever you want. You can wear them with loose bottoms or when you’re just lounging at home.

This underwear type is designed to hug your body like a brief. It shows off your butt and legs especially if you have a great physique. Yet the crotch area isn’t too tight and provides breathing room without sacrificing support. 

Skinny or slim-fit bottoms are perfect with boxer briefs. If that’s your style, you won’t experience any crumpling as you do with boxer shorts. You also won’t get any underwear lines in case you’re wearing thin and light pants.

Boxer briefs also provide enough support for low to medium-intensity activities. You won’t have any problems if you wear them for running or working out. Because they’re longer than regular briefs, they prevent chafing and discomfort.

But more intense activities require more support. If you plan to do weightlifting or play professional sports, you’ll probably need to wear jockstraps or compression shorts.

When Did Boxer Briefs Become Popular?

Boxer briefs exploded in popularity in the early 90s when Calvin Klein advertised in their catalog. 

It was modeled by Marky Mark, a famous rapper during that time and who you might know now as Mark Wahlberg. When they released the advertisement, it instantly became a hit.

Soon after, other male celebrities started wearing boxer briefs. More companies started to make their own to take advantage of the opportunity. 

What made boxer briefs so appealing is how it enhances the male organ without overdoing it. It’s not so controversial but it’s not conservative either. Its butt-hugging form adds to its provocative nature, something that briefs or boxers can’t give.

So it’s no wonder guys everywhere decided to give it a try when boxer briefs became popular. It quickly became one of man’s favorite underwear.

What Came First Boxers Or Briefs?

In the history of men’s undergarments, boxers came first before briefs. Boxers were born around 1925 in an attempt to give boxers something more comfortable to wear whenever they fought in the ring. 

Hence, the name boxer shorts.

Pugilists originally wore trunks in the ring but it was too tight and didn’t have any breathing room. So Jacob Golomb, founder of the boxing equipment manufacturer Everlast, changed things up and invented the boxer shorts. However, they weren’t as successful then.

Meanwhile, Jockey invented briefs in 1935. What you know as the tighty-whities, it featured the Y-shape design with an elastic waistband. It gained an instant following, making it the most popular men’s undergarment at that time.

And with this success, boxer short makers reintroduced boxer shorts. And that’s when things took a turn. Because they offered more breathability and were less restrictive, boxers became the main alternative for briefs. This time, it led to its mainstream success.

Why Are Boxer Briefs So Popular?

What makes boxer briefs popular is their overall function based on appearance, support, and comfort. 

Boxer briefs are like tighter boxer shorts and they don’t show off your thighs as regular briefs do. Their form-hugging design can make you more attractive and you score more points if you’ve got a chiseled body or a decent build. 

As for support, they offer the same as briefs without being too constricting in the crotch area. You can wear boxer briefs for some sports and fitness activities. And because they’re not too tight, you don’t have to worry about your butt eating your underwear.

Comfort-wise, they’re not as breezy as boxers but they won’t make you feel hot and heavy in your nether regions. 

Some are even made of moisture-wicking fabric so you won’t get sweaty at all. 

Why Do Boxer Briefs Have A Pouch?

The main purpose of the pouch in boxer briefs is to provide more comfort for your package.

The crotch area in boxer briefs is designed and constructed like a cup. 

It literally cups your manhood to give support without squeezing it tight as briefs do. This front part is constructed with overlapping fabric which gives it the pouch feature.

But this pouch isn’t a place for your coins. Its overlapping design allows it to stretch to give guys with bigger members more space and a better fit. The extra space takes the shape of your genitals which can make it extra steamy for your partner.

Now that you know this, you might be able to observe varying pouch sizes and designs. Some have more fabric for a bigger pouch, specifically made for the well-endowed. 

Some are smaller and even lack a pouch. This version is made for those with smaller packages or those who simply don’t prefer that feature.

Aside from a pouch, some boxer briefs have a fly. With it, you can easily take out your package when you need to relieve yourself. This way, you don’t have to pull your pants down or pull out your package over your underwear.

Why Do Some Boxer Briefs Have No Fly

Some boxer briefs are made without a fly to give men another option for design and functionality. The fly’s main purpose is to make your penis accessible whenever you need to go #1. However, not all guys find this convenient or comfortable. 

Some would rather climb over the fence than go through the front gate. Here’s why. 

Depending on your penis size, it may not be that easy to whip it out when you need to. It could even be harder to put it back in. Wearing skinny jeans makes this more challenging. 

I’m an average guy down there and there were times that it was a struggle to get it out through the fly. What more for guys with bigger packages?

Also, a fly is an additional feature that doesn’t change the boxer brief’s purpose and function. Even without it, a boxer brief will be able to do what it’s supposed to.

Are Boxer Briefs Better Than Boxers?

If we’re talking about overall functionality, boxer briefs are better than boxer shorts. Boxer briefs keep everything in place and let you go about your day in comfort.

When it comes to support, boxer briefs offer ample support without being restrictive. You can even wear them for sports or fitness activities. You can’t expect the same from boxers. In fact, you don’t get any support at all. 

Are boxer briefs comfortable? Yes, they’re very comfortable. The crotch area gently cups your genitals. It doesn’t squeeze or let your testicles hang freely. As for the length, both boxer briefs and boxers extend to the upper thigh. 

Yet boxers provide more breathability. And this can be useful in certain situations, especially if you’re just at home or in extremely hot environments.

Versatility is also an advantage boxer briefs have. Boxer briefs can be worn in almost any situation or event. You can wear it with any fabric, loose or tight pants, dark or light colors. But for boxers, you’re limited to loose or relaxed bottoms. You also can’t wear them for activities that need genital support.

However, we can’t count out personal preference. So even if boxer briefs have the advantage in the technical criteria, some of us may still prefer how boxers feel light and breezy. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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