Should Men Wear Underwear?

Man in underwear
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When it comes to guys and wearing their underwear, you’ll find a large camp of men who simply prefer to go without. 

But if you start letting it all hang out, will there be any changes or side effects? 

Should men wear underwear?

As a man, wear what you feel most comfortable in. While underwear does provide some protection from chafing, the only downside to not wearing it is that you may have to be more careful about your style and cleanliness.

Let’s dive deeper into this and talk about why some guys prefer to wear or not wear underwear and then examine more closely how it can change their lives.

Is Wearing Underwear Good or Bad?

Underwear has been around in some form or another since the dawn of humanity. 

As far back as 7,000 years ago, men started wearing loincloths and since then, underwear has developed into fundoshi in Japan, codpieces in Medieval Europe, and eventually into long-johns, boxers, tighty-whities, and boxer briefs.

But why do we wear underwear? After all, there’s no denying that going commando feels far more freeing than wearing a pair of underwear.

Wearing underwear isn’t just a secret fashion statement. They also have a purpose:

  • Support – Although the average guy likely isn’t chasing down his dinner every day, he still needs some support to keep things from jostling around “down there”. 

Underwear holds your privates in place and keeps you supported no matter what you’re wearing.

  • Protection – Depending on what you’re wearing, having a close-fitting piece of cloth between you and your trousers can help prevent chafing and irritation. 

If you prefer rough fabrics like denim jeans, you’ll likely benefit from having some soft cotton between you and the trousers.

Of course, some guys find underwear constricting, uncomfortable, and even irritating. Let’s take this same approach and apply it to going commando. Does not wearing underwear have any benefits?

Effects of Not Wearing Underwear for Guys

Let’s say you go to your closet, collect every pair of underwear you own, and burn them into a pile of ash. From this day forward, you never wear another pair of underwear again. So, what would happen?

In short, not much. Deciding not to wear underwear isn’t going to have major effects on your body. However, you may notice a few benefits:

  • Less irritation – One of the downsides to wearing underwear is that it captures heat and moisture in an area that should be kept clean, cool, and dry. 

If you’re prone to sweating, constricting underwear can lead to jock itch and other fungal infections. Going commando can clear this up.

  • Reduced chafing – I know, we just said that wearing underwear can reduce chafing, so how can not wearing underwear also reduce chafing?

 Again, it depends on what you’re wearing. Tight underwear can cause skin down there to rub together in a painful way. Freeing your boys will get rid of the rubbing.

  • Increased spermatogenesis – Spermatogenesis (the growth of new sperm cells) is greatly affected by scrotal temperature. Ideally, your testicles should stay around 94° F (34.4° C) to produce healthy sperm cells. 

Unfortunately, underwear can lock in heat and raise the temperature of your testicles, thus reducing the health and development of your sperm.

While it’s true that completely getting rid of underwear can solve these issues, you would likely do better to switch to looser, more comfortable underwear. Consider boxers rather than briefs.

Does Not Wearing Underwear Increase Size?

A lot of guys wonder if not wearing underwear could increase the overall size of their penis and it’s understandable. 

After all, if underwear constricts and holds everything in place, could it also be preventing you from reaching your full potential?

In truth, when you first go without underwear, you may see a difference but it’s not because you are growing in size. 

The only difference is that underwear causes a slight turtling effect and without it, gravity will pull everything down to its natural length.

However, don’t expect anything to change beyond that. The length of your penis is determined almost entirely by genetics so simply skipping out on underwear won’t make a difference. 

It will, however, affect what you wear.

What Changes if You Stop Wearing Underwear?

If you do decide to completely cut out underwear, your body isn’t going to change but you should make a few lifestyle adjustments for the sake of those around you and your personal hygiene:

Style Choices

First and foremost, be smart about what you wear if you’re not wearing underwear:

  • Baggy gym shorts and loose sweatpants tend to bunch up around the groin
  • Skinny jeans will cling tightly to your inner legs
  • Thin linen trousers won’t offer enough fabric to keep you discreet

To prevent the world from getting an eyeful, stick with thicker cotton trousers that provide some support and discretion. 

On that note, though, avoid anything so thick that it becomes scratchy or irritating, such as denim or wool.

Do Laundry More Often

Keep in mind that the purpose of underwear is to provide support and protect your clothes from bodily fluids. 

Even perfectly healthy men discharge trace amounts of sweat, urine, pre-seminal fluid, and feces throughout the day. 

If you’re not wearing underwear though, these fluids can find their way into your trousers.

The problem here is that bacteria love to feast on biological waste. Their feasting creates the foul smell we associate with B.O and dirty clothing, so you’ll need to be more proactive about tackling your laundry.

If you normally get three or four wears from a pair of pants before washing them, dial that up to one wash after every two wears. 

Thicker materials, such as denim, can go for longer periods but be safe and cut your typical wash cycle in half.

You’ll also need to be proactive about sweat marks and stains. Because underwear helps absorb sweat, we typically don’t have to worry about sweat stains in the crotch of our pants. This all changes if you stop wearing underwear:

  • Light-colored trousers, such as khakis, are more prone to developing sweat stains
  • Thicker materials, such as cotton, can stand up to staining but thin linens will easily stain
  • Add some baby powder to the crotch of your pants to help absorb moisture and prevent sweat marks

If your trousers become sweat-stained, you can wash away the discoloration using a mixture of detergent and white vinegar.

Don’t Try on Clothing

Let’s keep this one simple.

If you’re not wearing underwear, skip the dressing room!

No one wants to try on a pair of trousers that a stranger has been naked in. For general hygiene reasons, do everyone a favor and wear underwear to the dressing room.


Should men wear underwear? There’s definitely a case to be made for both men who do and who don’t wear it but, at the end of the day, it’s your own personal preference. 

Wearing underwear is certainly more discreet and more hygienic but, as long as you take care of your laundry and personal grooming, there’s no reason why going commando could do any harm.

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