Is It Ok For Guys To Wear Thongs?

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Out of all the underwear types, the thong is probably the most controversial because of its lack of material and its sexual nature. While it’s usually associated with women, thongs for men of any sexual orientation are widely available. 

So is it ok for guys to wear thongs?

The type of underwear you choose to wear or not wear doesn’t make you less of a man. Thongs function just like your regular underwear, but it definitely scores more points on the sex appeal department.

If you’ve always been curious about it, we’ll tell you all about the thong in this article — why men wear thong underwear, how you can pull it off and make it a permanent part of your wardrobe. 

Why Do Men Wear Thongs?

There are practical and personal reasons why men wear thong underwear. It varies for every guy and it can go beyond the physical aspect of it. 

Let’s explore some of the most common reasons:

  1. They function just like any underwear.

If we’re talking about what underwear is supposed to do, then a thong fits the bill. Even if they look different, a thong performs an underwear’s basic functions.

It may have a different cut, form, and less material on the backend, however, it provides support where it matters. The front part has the structure and cover needed to support your junk as you go about your day.

Is it OK to wear a thong everyday? You can wear it daily and not worry about underwear lines when you’re wearing tight, lightweight, or white pants. But it’s not recommended when you play sports or on your gym days, but 

  1. They’re very comfortable.

Are thongs comfortable for men? Definitely.

A thong is like a compromise between regular underwear and going commando. Regular underwear can sometimes feel restricting and uncomfortable, especially if you’re in a country with warm weather. 

You could go commando to make it more breathable but it will leave you with no support which can lead to awkward situations.

Because a thong has less fabric than regular underwear, it naturally feels breezier especially when paired with pants with a softer fabric. 

It can also come in different materials like satin, cotton, or a blend. Its design also gives you more freedom of movement, with fewer materials hanging on to your body as you move.

Even if a thong has less material, it doesn’t expose you like going commando does.

Without underwear, expect your body fluids to stain your pants. And it can get awkward when you have random erections throughout the day, something you’ll be hard-pressed to hide.

And about the string at the back, you might think it’s uncomfortable because it’s resting in between your rear end. But you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t chafe because it’s designed to be comfortable and unobtrusive for everyday use. 

So if you’re still wondering if it’s ok to wear a thong every day, this answers your question.

  1. They can boost confidence.

Probably one of the most important reasons why men wear thong underwear is the confidence boost from wearing something provocative and sexually appealing. 

Wearing sexy underwear isn’t and has never been limited to women. Just like how intimate wear can make women feel good about themselves, wearing thong underwear can do the same for a man. 

Besides, not everyone can pull off wearing a thong. Because it’s still not as common as regular underwear, it takes boldness and confidence to wear a thong. 

You don’t even need to have a great physique to wear one, although that surely adds to your allure. But make no mistake, wearing a thong can be very empowering. 

And if you’re able to pull it off, this confidence can translate to other parts of your life. We’re not just talking about sex. 

This confidence it gives can help you perform better at work, make sound decisions, and be more courageous in trying new things.

  1. They can turn on your partner.

Of course, you can’t deny that wearing a thong can amp up your sexuality and turn on your partner. 

Thongs were a strip club staple but eventually made their way to swimwear and everyday underwear. They’re associated with sex appeal, and rightly so. It leaves little to the imagination but hides enough for desire to take its hold.

If your partner enjoys this kind of playful eroticism, then you’ll add fire to the bedroom.

What Percentage Of Guys Wear Thongs?

There’s currently no information on this, but are mens thongs becoming more popular? Yes, they are.

In this modern era, there’s more sexual freedom and many taboos have been broken, especially the notion that thongs are only for homosexual men. 

In this day and age, men can pretty much wear whatever they want as long as it makes them feel good about themselves, and that includes underwear.

If you want to know how popular they’re becoming, you can check what’s in the market. 

A quick look online and you’ll find hundreds of different brands and variations available. You can also find hundreds of product reviews from men riding the thong revolution. 

Does Wearing A Thong Feel Good?

Generally speaking, wearing a thong feels good physically. However, there are thongs comfortable for men, and there are some that won’t, depending on its material. 

But there’s also the emotional and mental aspect to this question. Wearing something bold and provocative could be symbolic for some men. It can represent a change in attitude or a show of defiance to certain beliefs which can be fulfilling.

It can also feel good if you’re trying to please your partner, especially if they like what they see on you. 

Can You Get Diaper Rash From A Thong?

Yes, it’s possible to get a diaper rash from wearing a thong. You can get it from the following: 

  • Uncomfortable material. Some thongs may come in materials that don’t sit well with your skin. It can cause irritation throughout the day.
  • Paired with the wrong clothing or activity. Wearing a thong at the gym might not be a good idea because of how some exercise movements can cause it to move around or chafe. The exposed skin on your butt can also rub against your clothes and can irritate especially if you regularly wear it with rough fabric.

Why Is It Called A Thong?

The word “thong” originated from an Old English word þwong, which translates to “narrow strip of leather.” Of course, this pertains to the thin fabric on thong underwear. 

It’s not to be confused with g-string. Even though they’re used interchangeably, a thong and a g-string aren’t the same. G-string underwear looks like a thong but it has less fabric, making it even sexier than a thong.

You’ll know the difference with how the thin fabric at the back connects to the waist. A thong will have a T shape while a g-string will have a Y shape connection.

How Do You Know If A Thong Fits? 

Thong underwear should fit like your regular underwear. It’s not too tight on the waist and in front. It should be snug enough to provide support but not too loose that it might fall off whenever you move. 

Naturally, you should pay attention to the string at the back. It should be thin and light enough that you won’t feel or cause any discomfort.

If it’s your first time and you’re wondering how to wear a thong for men, here are a few tips:

Choose The Right Fabric

Like any other underwear you own, the fabric is the most important element that you need to consider. Choose the fabric that goes well with your skin type to avoid any irritation. 

It Will Take Some Getting Used To

Remember that it might feel weird at the start. The breezier feeling down there and the string will take getting used to. If it comes with your preferred fabric and fits just right, you’ll be comfortable with it soon enough.

Know When To Wear A Thong

A thong is partnered with the right clothing. Soft trousers, lightweight or tight-fitting pants will call for a thong. Also, make sure your pants won’t expose your underwear when you bend or squat to avoid embarrassing moments in public.

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