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How to Replace Hey Dude Laces?

Hey Dude shoes have gained immense popularity for their comfort, style, and versatility. One of the standout features of Hey Dude shoes is their unique lace system. While Hey Dude shoes are known for their slip-on design, some models have laces for added support and a customizable fit. If you want to replace the laces on your Hey Dude shoes, this article will provide a step-by-step guide to help you accomplish it easily.

What Materials Do You Need to Replace Hey Dude Laces?

To replace Hey Dude laces, you will need the following materials:

Replacement Laces

Choose laces that match the length and width of the original Hey Dude laces. You can find replacement laces specifically designed for Hey Dude shoes or opt for laces of a similar size from other sources.


You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut off the old laces or trim the new laces if they are too long.

Tweezers (optional)

While unnecessary, tweezers can be handy for threading the laces through small or tight lace holes or eyelets, especially if you have difficulty maneuvering them with your fingers.

Ensure you have these materials on hand before replacing your Hey Dude laces.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Replacement Laces for Hey Dude Shoes?

When choosing replacement laces for Hey Dude shoes, a few factors must be considered to ensure a proper fit and compatibility. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Measure the length of the original Hey Dude laces or consult the Hey Dude website or customer service for the recommended lace length for your specific shoe model. It’s important to choose replacement laces that are the appropriate length to ensure they can be laced up properly.


Consider the width of the original laces and try to find replacement laces that match or are similar in width. This will ensure that the new laces fit snugly in the lace holes or eyelets and provide the desired level of support.


Hey Dude shoes come in various materials, such as canvas, leather, or knit. Take into account the material of your shoes when choosing replacement laces. For example, if your shoes are made of canvas, you might prefer cotton or nylon laces, while leather shoes may require stronger and more durable laces.

Style and Color

Replacement laces offer an opportunity to add a personal touch to your Hey Dude shoes. Consider the style and color options available and choose laces that complement the overall look of your shoes or reflect your style.

By considering these factors, you can select replacement laces that fit properly and enhance the appearance and functionality of your Hey Dude shoes.

How Should You Secure the Laces at the Top of the Shoe?

To secure the laces at the top of the shoe, you have a few options depending on your preference and the level of security you desire. Here are three common methods:

Standard Knot

Tie a standard knot at the top of the laces. Take the left lace and cross it over the right lace, then tuck it underneath and pull it through the loop created. Repeat this process with the right lace, crossing it over the left lace, tucking it underneath, and pulling it through the loop. Tighten the knot by pulling both ends of the laces simultaneously. This method provides a simple and secure way to keep the laces in place.

Bow Knot

Similar to tying your shoelaces, create a bow knot at the top of the laces. After crossing the laces over each other, make a loop with one lace and wrap the other lace around it. Pass the end of the second lace through the loop and tighten the knot. This method allows for easy untying and retying of the laces as needed.

Lace Locks or Clips

You can use lace locks or clips if you prefer additional security or a unique aesthetic. Lace locks are small plastic or metal devices that attach to the laces and can be tightened to secure them. They provide a reliable and adjustable way to prevent the laces from coming undone. Alternatively, you can use clips or toggles specifically designed for laces, which can be slid onto the laces and clamped together to keep them secure.

Choose the method that suits your preference and ensures that the laces remain securely fastened during wear.

What Can You Use to Prevent the Laces From Coming Undone During Wear?

To prevent the laces from coming undone during wear, you can employ several effective methods. One option is to use a double knot. After tying a standard knot or bow knot at the top of the laces, tie another knot on top. This creates an extra layer of security, making it less likely for the laces to loosen or come undone unintentionally. When it’s time to untie the laces, you can easily do so by pulling on the ends of the laces.

Another method is to use lace locks or toggles. These small plastic or metal devices can be attached to the laces. By sliding them down to the desired position and tightening them, you can ensure that the laces stay secure throughout the day. Lace locks offer adjustable tension, allowing you to customize the fit and level of tightness according to your preference.

Additionally, you can use lace clips or lace anchors. These small accessories attach to the laces and provide extra support and hold. Lace clips usually consist of two parts that snap together, enclosing the laces securely. Lace anchors, on the other hand, are small hooks that you can insert into the lace holes or eyelets to keep the laces anchored firmly. Both options provide a reliable solution for keeping your laces securely fastened.


Are There Any Benefits to Replacing Hey Dude Laces?

Replacing Hey Dude laces allows you to personalize your footwear and extend its lifespan. It also allows you to customize the fit and style of your shoes, ensuring optimal comfort and aesthetics.

What Should I Do if the Replacement Laces Are Too Long?

If the replacement laces are longer than desired, you can use scissors to trim the excess length carefully. Leave a small margin to ensure the laces are still manageable and easy to untie when needed.

Can I Tuck the Excess Laces Into the Shoe?

Yes, you can tuck the excess laces into the shoe for a cleaner look. This can help prevent the laces from getting tangled or caught on anything.

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