How Do I Stop Skid Marks In My Underwear?

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“How do I stop skid marks in my underwear?” There are different ways that you can stop skid marks. But to do so, you first need to understand how and why it happens. 

As a man, it can be embarrassing to ask that question. It’s like admitting that you get skid marks in your underwear. Why would a grown man have poop in his underwear? 

But the truth is, it’s more common than you think and you’re not the only one asking this question.

Underwear skid marks happen, but it doesn’t have to. As a victim myself, I’ve looked into stopping this unwelcome event and saving guys like you from embarrassment.

Here, you’ll find out the different causes and the simple solutions to this problem.

Are Skid Marks Normal?

Skid marks on underwear are normal. It’s something that can happen to anyone at any point in their lives. 

As long as it doesn’t happen often, you don’t have to worry about underwear skid marks. 

The most you’ll have to deal with is the embarrassment that comes with it especially if your significant other sees it just before you get it on.

If it happens all the time, then that’s a different story. It might be a health concern that you need to talk to your doctor.

Skid marks on underwear aren’t the same as a crime scene left by a loose bowel movement. 

There are different reasons why skid marks happen. Some of it could be due to your bathroom technique which you can easily adjust so you can prevent it from happening again.

What Causes Poop Skid Marks?

Skid marks can be caused by several reasons. Here are the most common ones:

Not wiping properly

This is the usual culprit for skid marks. 

How you wipe and what you use affect your butt’s cleanliness after a visit to the toilet. You may not be wiping enough or you’re using the wrong kind of tissue. 

If you’re not wiping at all, then it’s no wonder you have skid marks.

You’re a heavy sweater

Some of us guys really sweat more than others. It’s something you can’t control and it’s your body going into cool down mode to prevent you from overheating.

Unfortunately, this can mean you’re sweating a lot from behind as well. When this happens, the sweat moistens your crack and if you have anything left over, it’ll definitely stain your underwear.

Wearing tight-fitting underwear

Wedgies can happen when you’re wearing underwear that’s too tight. And when you have a wedgie, your underwear will likely pick up any fecal matter left behind. 

If you like wearing tight underwear, thongs, or g-strings, expect this to happen more often than usual.

You’ve got too much hair 

You can blame your body again for this one. When you have too much hair on your anus, fecal matter can get trapped especially if you don’t wipe properly.

So if you sweat a lot or you’re wearing tight underwear, there’s a good chance the poop stuck on your butt hair will give you skid marks.

Sitting too long on the toilet

When you sit too long on the toilet even if you feel like you’re done letting it loose, this is when the fecal matter can dry up and get stuck on your butt hair. 

You haven’t emptied your bowel completely

Sometimes you’re just in a hurry or you know it’s there on the edge but won’t come out. 

Forcing it isn’t healthy so you finish your thing and go. But as you go about your day, you can still feel it, just peeking. It’s not forcing its way out, but it’s enough to leave underwear skid marks.


Because of the enlarged veins inside or outside your rectal area, pooping can get painful and difficult. You might not be able to release everything as fecal matter can get stuck in the sphincter. Unfortunately, wiping won’t do you any good in this case. 

Bowel incontinence

Also known as fecal incontinence, it usually comes in the form of diarrhea, constipation, gas, or bloating. And when diarrhea strikes, it can give you skid marks or even something worse if it’s severe. 

Like hemorrhoids, it’s a health issue that you won’t have total control over until you get yourself treated. 

How To Prevent Skid Marks

If your skid marks are caused by health issues, you’ll have to see your doctor or get the proper treatment to prevent skid marks from happening.

But if it’s not a health concern, here are ways you can stop underwear skid marks in its tracks.

Level up your wiping technique

Your current wiping technique might not be cleaning you well enough. If your poop is solid, then it’s less likely to leave anything behind. But if it’s soft and sticky, that’s where it can get challenging.

Wipe from front to back so that you don’t push any fecal material to your junk. If one wipe won’t do it, go for another one until it’s all gone. If you need to wipe several times, don’t apply too much pressure as this can chafe your skin and cause irritation.

Also, use high-quality tissue paper as they usually feel softer and are more absorbent than their low-quality counterparts.

Use wipes

“No matter how much I wipe – I still get skid marks!” If you’ve said that to yourself more than once, then maybe wiping with tissue isn’t cutting it. For stubborn poop, wipes are your best bet.

These thick, wet sheets are your best friend when it comes to cleaning up your anal wall. They’re wet enough to moisten any hardened poop and absorb any wet leftovers without drying your skin.

They’re a bit pricier than your standard tissue paper, but they’re worth every wipe if you really want to prevent skid marks. 

Eat more fiber

Eating enough fiber is great for your digestive system. It firms up your poop, making bowel movement easier. On average, a man needs to consume 38 grams of fiber to aid in proper digestion.

The right amount of fiber firms up your poop, making bowel movement easier, leaving less residue behind. It’s also easier to clean with your tissue and wipes.


It’s not your fault if you have a lot of hair in your rectal region. However, if it’s getting too shaggy and tends to hold onto your poop, then consider trimming or shaving. 

This prevents poop from getting stuck and also makes cleaning up afterward easier. Shorter or no hair can also prevent foul odors from sticking around. 

Don’t take too long on the toilet

Your toilet habits might have changed with the dawn of smartphones. If you bring your phone to the toilet, browse social media, or watch while on the toilet, you’re not the only man to do so. 

However, this habit may be giving you skid marks. Don’t take longer than you need to in the toilet. The longer you stay, the higher the chances of poop drying up and getting stuck on your butt hair.

If you’re taking long because you’re waiting or forcing your poop to come out, that’s not a good idea either. Forcing the issue is unhealthy and can give you hemorrhoids.

Change your underwear

If tight underwear can give you skid marks, then it’s time to change your tighty whities. There are plenty of underwear options in the market. But if you’re going for a more relaxed fit, boxer shorts and boxer briefs are your best options.

Also, your underwear color matters too. If you always wear white or light-colored underwear, skid marks or any stain will be highly visible. Wearing dark underwear won’t prevent you from getting skid marks but at least it won’t be so obvious!

Wash in the shower

When you clean yourself in the shower, include cleaning your butt in your routine. A good wash along with soap can remove any unwanted hangers-on and will leave you feeling clean and fresh.

How To Remove Skid Marks From Underwear

Now that you know what causes poop skid marks, it’s practical to know how to remove them. There are several ways you can do this, some with items you can easily find at home. 

However, the tips below are for mild cases. For really bad incidents, you’re better off throwing your underwear into the trash.

Wash with cold water

Wash your underwear with cold water then with laundry soap. It might take some gentle scrubbing to get the stain off completely. If you stained white or light-colored underwear, you might need to soak it with cold water and soap before scrubbing.

We don’t advise using warm water because the heat can bind the stain to the fabric. If this happens, there’s no saving your underwear.

Use household items

If laundry soap doesn’t work, these household items may do the trick for you. 

  • White Vinegar

This kind of vinegar is the best for cleaning and disinfecting. In almost any home cleaning hack, you’ll find vinegar is always part of the formula.

Vinegar is 5% acid, equal to the acidity levels of other cleaning agents. To use it as a skid mark remover, dilute one tablespoon into one liter of water. Wet the crime scene with it and let the solution soak for several minutes.

Once you’re confident the solution has soaked the stain well enough, you can put it in the wash to complete the process.

  • Baking Soda

First, remove any poop debris from your underwear and wash it with cold water. When it’s completely wet, sprinkle the area with baking soda. 

Unlike vinegar, baking soda is a base ingredient that’s great for dissolving organic compounds like skid marks. So after putting baking soda, scrub the affected area with a brush. 

  • Lemon Juice

Time to squeeze those lemons, but not for lemonade but as a skid mark remover. Lemon juice is highly acidic, just like vinegar. Putting the juice on the poop mark will loosen its hold on the fabric. 

To make it more effective, you can combine it with baking soda. Let the lemon juice sit on the stain for at least 30 minutes before throwing it into the wash.

When removing skid marks on white underwear, add bleach when machine washing to bring back the fabric’s whiteness.

Now if you’ve tried everything and the skid mark is still there, then you’re left with no choice but to say goodbye to your underwear.

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