Does It Matter What Underwear You Wear?

Guy picking which underwear to wear
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There are tons of men’s underwear options out there but you’re still probably wearing the same one since you were young. 

Nobody has really explained how different underwears compare with each other. They’re hidden under your clothes, so does it matter what underwear you wear?

While they have the same basic functions, it matters what kind of underwear you’re wearing. If you’ve ever asked “Should I wear boxers or briefs?”, the answer goes beyond those two underwear types. 

Maybe you haven’t really thought of your underwear as much, but the right underwear blends in perfectly with your clothing and daily activities.

In this article, we’ve gathered the intel on why the type of underwear matters and the things that you need to take into account when choosing the underwear you’ll be wearing daily. 

We also looked at the most popular men’s underwear right now, as well as the pros and cons of going commando, if you’re leaning towards that alternative instead.

What Type Of Underwear Should I Wear Everyday?

The type of underwear you should wear everyday is what’s most comfortable for you. 

Considerations When Choosing Underwear

When picking the right underwear, men often choose based on its design or how it looks. Or just because it’s what you were made to wear growing up.

But just like in choosing your outfit, things like where you’re going, who you’re with, and what you’ll be doing will all dictate what underwear you’ll need. 

Of course, what underwear to wear is a personal choice that every man has the right to make. So in making that choice, here are some of the things that you need to consider.


Just like any other piece of clothing, underwear comes in different materials. Cotton, polyester, silk, nylon, are just a few of the common fabrics you’ll find. 

So which one should you pick? 

If you already know how your skin reacts to the different fabrics, then you know which fabric is for you. If you don’t, here’s what you need to know about fabrics.

  • Cotton: It’s very breathable and low maintenance but tends to lose its shape over time.
  • Cotton blend: It has nylon or spandex blended with cotton to make it more comfortable. Often designed so that it won’t absorb moisture.
  • Bamboo fibre: Made of bamboo grass pulp. Has sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. 
  • Microfiber: a synthetic fibre that has moisture-wicking properties. Light and durable.

Aside from these, there are a lot more materials used in making underwear. Finding the best one is a matter of preference.  Look for what sits well with your skin, especially if you have skin allergies.

Body Type

Your body type will dictate what underwear you’ll need. For example, lean guys would do well to wear briefs. 

They won’t emphasize their thin frame and will provide good support at the same time. But wearing boxers will make skinny guys look like a little kid wearing shorts a couple of sizes bigger.

If you’re on the wider side, briefs will only bring too much attention to your wide hips. They can make you look bigger than you actually are. 

This makes boxer briefs or boxer shorts more ideal since it covers more of your thighs and has a more relaxed fit.

If you have the physique of Hercules, then you’re in luck. Any underwear style will go with your body type. You’ll just have to choose whatever suits what you’ll be wearing or not wearing.


The clothes you wear daily also impact your underwear choice. Do you like wearing skinny jeans or lightweight pants? Are you in corporate attire most of the day? 

What you wear underneath can expose you if you’re not wearing the right underwear.

For example, boxers tend to get crumpy when wearing tight-fit pants but will go well with baggier fits. Meanwhile, if you don’t like too much restriction, regular briefs might be too tight for you.


You’ll need the right support for your daily activities.  Activities like going to the office or lounging around will allow you to wear more relaxed underwear.

But when engaging in activities like running, biking, or going to the gym, you’ll need the right amount of support from your underwear to prevent any discomfort or injuries.


Boxers probably won’t provide you with the warmth you need during the winter season. This makes briefs or trunks a much more practical option. 

In the summer, though? Boxers are very much welcome.

What Happens If You Don’t Wear Underwear?

There are pros and cons to going commando. While it’s neither right nor wrong to do so, what’s more important is your comfort and hygiene.  

So if you’re thinking that underwear isn’t really essential, here’s what you need to know before dropping it completely.


  • Lower chances of jock itch: This infection can happen when you’re sweaty and moist down there. This is more likely when you’re wearing underwear. But without one, you give your manhood the air it needs to breathe and cool down.
  • Can increase sperm production: Speaking of cooling down, lower temperatures are ideal for your sperm. They thrive in lower temperatures that underwear won’t provide.
  • More comfort: Hanging loose is undeniably more comfortable. You won’t feel restricted and you’ll be able to move more freely.


  • Chafing: Without the coverage that underwear can give you, chafing can become a problem. Your exposed skin rubbing against each other every time you walk or move can be painful and troublesome.
  • Not the most hygienic option: Underwear adds a layer that protects your genitals from moisture from your sweat and bacteria that can stick to your pants. Without underwear, you’re exposed to these dangers that can lead to infection. 
  • Embarrassing stains: Wearing light-colored pants while going commando? Expect your sweat or genital fluids to stain your pants and be visible for anyone to see.
  • More laundry: You can usually wear your pants a few times before putting them in the wash but you can’t do the same if you go commando. Because of the possible bacteria and germs on your clothes, the genital fluids and sweat that your pants absorb, you’ll have to wash them after using them once or twice.
  • Limits your clothing choices: Because going commando offers no coverage, protection, or support, you’ll need to avoid clothes that will make it uncomfortable for your junk. Skinny jeans can rub against it and make it painful, while it can bunch up when wearing trousers and can mark on your pants, making you look sloppy in the process.

What Kind Of Underwear Do Most Guys Wear? 

There’s no single underwear that rules them all. Guys need to have at least a couple of underwear types for different occasions and activities. Listed below are the most common types that most guys get into.


The most common type is what you’ve been wearing since you were a little boy. Also known as the tighty whities, this Y shaped underwear has a snug fit and provides a lot of support. 

It gives ample coverage for your package and covers your behind well. And because they free up your thighs, they won’t bunch up and are a good fit if you have big thighs. 

Its versatility makes it comfortable for everyday use and can be paired with a lot of clothing options. If you don’t like the excess fabric that boxers or boxer briefs have, then this type is for you.

It’s most compatible for lean or muscular body types but won’t look as good if you’re on the wider side.

Boxer Briefs

If you’re not into a brief’s sexier cut but still want the support, boxer briefs offer just that. It’s a popular option because it’s the best of what the two types have to offer. 

They provide good support but have a more relaxed fit. They’re longer than trunks, have more coverage, and will protect you from chafing. 

It’s perfect for any body type and can be worn for light workouts as well as for daily use.


Trunks are somewhat similar to boxer briefs but have less thigh coverage. Think of it as a shorter boxer brief with the same functions. 

Like a brief, it offers very good support with a more flattering silhouette. No wonder it’s becoming a very popular option nowadays. 

When worn, it sits just below the hips and goes well with a lot of pants like chinos and trousers.

Like a boxer brief, it covers part of your thighs without going too low, which some guys may find more comfortable than what boxer briefs offer. 

However, what makes trunks different is that it has a more snug fit, which will look good on guys who are thin, muscular, or wide-hipped.


These shorts are the most breathable option but offer no support. It’s almost like you’re going commando, which can feel great during the hot summer weather.

Boxers cover your nether regions well without being restricted. Thus, it gives you more freedom of movement and is a lot easier to take on and off. But because of the very relaxed fit, they look great on bigger or more athletic guys.

When thinner and smaller guys wear boxers, they tend to emphasize their thin frames. Boxers also tend to bunch up when worn with pants or trousers, making you look sloppy. This makes baggy bottoms the best partner for boxers.

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