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Are Stacy Adams Shoes Good? (Detailed Guide)

If you’re a stylish man seeking a good pair of dress shoes, you might be wondering whether Stacy Adams shoes are worth a purchase. 

With a long history of producing affordable yet fashionable footwear, Stacy Adams has become a popular choice for many. 

However, before you decide to invest in a pair, let’s take a closer look at the quality, design, and features of Stacy Adams shoes.

Stacy Adams offers a wide range of styles and designs to suit various tastes and occasions. 

Known for their combination of comfort and elegance, these shoes have become a staple in many wardrobes. 

Though they’re not as pricey as other high-end brands, the real question remains: Are Stacy Adams shoes good?

Key Takeaways

  • Stacy Adams shoes are known for their affordability and stylish designs.
  • The brand has a long history and focuses on combining comfort with fashionable looks.
  • Customer reviews generally highlight good value for money and satisfactory quality.

History of Stacy Adams Shoes

Stacy Adams Shoes have been around for quite a long time. 

The company was founded in 1875 in Brockton, Massachusetts. Since then, they have been making a significant impact on men’s fashion and personal styles.

Stacy Adams Shoes are well-known for their dress shoes, which became popular among stylish men. 

Many famous people have worn these shoes, even mentioning the brand by name in popular culture. 

For example, Morris Day, the lead singer of the Minneapolis-based funk and soul band The Time, talks about his collection of Stacy Adams shoes in their song “The Walk” from the album “What Time Is It?”.

Over the years, Stacy Adams has evolved and kept up with changing fashion trends. 

The company has gone through numerous designs, materials, and styles to cater to the tastes and preferences of their diverse customers.

As casual as it may sound, Stacy Adams Shoes have made quite a mark in the world of footwear fashion due to their combination of classic design and modern appeal. 

They have become a go-to choice for men of all ages and backgrounds.

Materials and Construction Quality

Leather Options

Stacy Adams offers various leather options for their shoes, including genuine, patent, and faux leathers. 

Genuine leather is a popular choice for its durability and comfortable feel, while patent leather provides a shiny and formal appearance. 

Faux leather may be more budget-friendly and cruelty-free, but may lack the longevity of genuine leather options.

Stitching and Assembly

Stacy Adams shoes are constructed using Goodyear welted method, which is a highly durable and respected way to make shoes. 

This process involves stitching the upper leather to a leather strip called a welt, and then stitching the welt to the insole. 

This method not only makes the shoes more durable but also allows them to be easily resoled for longer shoe life.

Careful attention is also given to the stitching on the shoes, with consistent and secure threadwork ensuring the shoes stay together during use. 

While they may not match the quality of high-end dress shoes, Stacy Adams shoes offer a good value for those who wear them occasionally or have budget constraints.

Style and Design Options

Casual Styles

Stacy Adams shoes offer a range of casual styles for any occasion. 

For a laid-back look, consider their sneakers, which come in various colors and materials such as leather and suede. 

These sneakers provide comfort and style, perfect for everyday wear.

If you’re going for something slightly dressier, try their loafers, which come in classic slip-on designs and trendy moccasin-inspired styles. 

With a variety of colors and finishes, there’s a pair of Stacy Adams loafers perfect for a casual day out or a weekend get-together.

Dress Shoes

When it comes to formal occasions, Stacy Adams dress shoes are an excellent choice. 

They provide stylish options to complement your suit and elevate your overall look. 

You’ll find classic oxfords and brogues with intricate detailing, ensuring your footwear is as impressive as the rest of your outfit.

For an added touch of sophistication, consider their spectator shoes, which feature two-tone color combinations and eye-catching designs. 

These shoes will make a strong statement and show off your impeccable sense of style.

Comfort and Fit

Size and Width Variety

Stacy Adams Shoes offers a variety of sizes and widths to ensure a comfortable fit for every customer. 

They have sizes ranging from 7 to 16 and different widths, including narrow (B), medium (D), and wide (2E) options. 

This variety allows men with different foot shapes to find the perfect pair of dress shoes that fit them comfortably and snugly.

Cushioning and Support

One of the key factors contributing to the comfort of Stacy Adams Shoes is the cushioning and support they provide. 

Many of their dress shoes are equipped with memory foam insoles, which not only adapt to the shape of your foot but also offer excellent shock absorption and pressure relief. 

This cushioning helps to prevent foot fatigue and ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the day or evening.

In addition to the memory foam insoles, Stacy Adams Shoes also focuses on providing adequate support for your feet. 

The outsoles of their shoes are crafted using durable materials, such as leather or rubber, which provide stability and traction while walking. 

This combination of cushioning and support ensures that you can wear your Stacy Adams dress shoes with confidence, knowing that your feet are well-protected and comfortable.

Price and Affordability

Stacy Adams shoes are known for being budget-friendly, which makes them an attractive choice for people looking for stylish footwear without breaking the bank. 

Generally, these shoes are priced under $120, making them quite accessible compared to other high-end shoe brands.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that affordability doesn’t always translate to high quality. 

Some people might be skeptical about the low prices of Stacy Adams shoes and question their overall quality and durability.

For buyers on a budget, it’s helpful to look at customer reviews and see what others have experienced with the brand before making a purchase. 

From the information available, it seems that there are mixed opinions on the quality and worth of Stacy Adams shoes (more on that below).

Pros and Cons of Stacy Adams Shoes


Stacy Adams Shoes are known for their stylish designs and variety of options. 

They offer dress shoes, loafers, and sneakers, catering to different occasions and preferences.

The shoes are comfortable, as the brand believes that comfort leads to confidence. 

This can be an important factor when wearing dress shoes for long periods of time, such as at a wedding or business event. 

As one of the market leaders in the shoe industry, you can trust that their shoes are well-made and reliable.


On the downside, some customers might find Stacy Adams Shoes to be expensive, especially in comparison to other shoe brands. 

Also, there have been mixed reviews on their quality, with some customers noting that the materials used are not always of the highest standard.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

According to a review on Amazon, a customer finds the shoes to be very comfortable. 

However, they mention that the shoes could benefit from having a wider fit to prevent possible toe blowouts.

On, customers have shared their thoughts on the Stacy Adams Jonah shoes. 

The reviews show a generally positive trend, with:

  • 61% of customers giving 5 stars
  • 20% of customers giving 4 stars
  • 10% giving 3 stars
  • 4% giving 2 stars
  • 4% giving one star

Regarding the shoes’ fit, 76% of customers found them true to size, 87% felt they had the correct width, and 71% experienced moderate arch support.

Most customers seem to be satisfied with the product, but some suggest improvements in fit would enhance the overall experience. 

Remember that preferences vary, so it’s essential to consider multiple opinions before making a purchase.

Take Away

Are Stacy Adams shoes good? Stacy Adams is a brand that has been around for quite some time, offering a wide range of styles and designs for a variety of shoe preferences. The fact that they have remained in the market indicates that there’s something about their shoes that appeals to people.

One thing to take note of is that Stacy Adams shoes are affordable, with most of their styles priced under $120. This makes them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers who want fashionable shoes without breaking the bank.

Many customers have expressed positive opinions about Stacy Adams shoes, especially regarding their unique designs and comfortable fit. 

Some people even consider them a must-have for their wardrobe.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone will have the same experience with these shoes. 

Some may find them to be good enough for the price, while others might prefer to invest in more expensive shoes for better quality materials and craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How’s the quality of Stacy Adams shoes?

Stacy Adams shoes are known for their unique style and decent quality for a more affordable price. They might not be the best option for those seeking high-end dress shoes, but they offer a good balance between style, comfort, and affordability for people wanting to make a statement.

What type of leather do they use?

Various types of leather, including genuine and synthetic, are used in Stacy Adams shoes. Some models use top-quality genuine leather while others utilize more budget-friendly faux leather options.

Do these shoes run true to size?

Generally, Stacy Adams shoes run true to size, but it’s always wise to consult the specific product’s size guide or customer reviews to ensure the best fit. Since sizing can vary from one style to another, checking the information provided by the manufacturer or other customers will help you make an informed decision.

Are they considered a high-end brand?

Stacy Adams shoes may not be considered a high-end brand compared to more premium and expensive dress shoes, but they provide unique designs and decent quality for their price range. This brand caters to customers seeking stylish footwear without breaking the bank.

Are they pricey?

Prices for Stacy Adams shoes are generally more affordable than some other dress shoe brands. They offer a range of options, catering to shoppers with different budgets. While not considered luxury footwear, Stacy Adams shoes provide a good balance between style and affordability.

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