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Are Jordans Nike?

Air Jordans, a popular line of basketball shoes, have been dominating the sneaker market for decades. 

Produced by Nike, Inc., these shoes were first created for NBA athlete Michael Jordan in 1984 and officially released to the public in 1985. 

Since then, they have catapulted to immense popularity, becoming an essential part of streetwear and basketball culture.

Are Jordans Nike? – Jordans fall under the umbrella of Nike, but they hold a unique position as a sub-brand known as Jordan Brand. 

This allows Jordans to maintain their distinct identity while still benefiting from Nike’s vast resources and distribution network. 

A wide variety of Jordans are available, including different styles, colors, and even limited edition releases that create buzz and demand among sneaker enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Air Jordans are a line of basketball shoes produced by Nike, Inc. for Michael Jordan in 1984 and released to the public in 1985.
  • Jordans exist as a sub-brand called Jordan Brand, maintaining a unique identity while being a part of Nike.
  • The sneakers are highly popular in streetwear and basketball culture, with a wide variety of styles and limited edition releases available for purchase.

Are Jordans Nike?

History of the Brands

Nike is a well-known sports company that designs and sells athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories. 

The brand was founded in 1964 and has grown into a global powerhouse. 

One of Nike’s most popular lines is the Air Jordan brand, which was introduced in 1984.

Air Jordan is named after basketball legend Michael Jordan, who was a player for the Chicago Bulls when the shoes were first released. 


The Air Jordan brand is a result of a collaboration between Nike and Michael Jordan. 

When the line first launched, it was exclusively for basketball shoes. 

Over the years, it has expanded to include other types of sneakers, clothing, and accessories. 

The introduction of Air Jordan helped cement Nike’s position as a leading brand in the sports world, while also propelling Michael Jordan’s name to new heights.

The Air Jordan sneakers are unique because they incorporate Nike’s Air technology into the sole. 

This provides extra cushioning and support, making the shoes more comfortable and better for athletic performance.

Jordans as a Sub-Brand

Differentiating Features

One key feature that sets Jordans apart from other Nike sneakers is the iconic Jumpman logo, which was introduced in 1988. 

This logo replaced the classic Nike Air logo and was inspired by a photo of Jordan doing a ballet move.

Another distinctive feature of Jordans is the color schemes and designs. 

The first Air Jordans were white, red, and black, breaking the traditional mostly-white shoe rule in the NBA at that time. 

As a result, Jordan kept wearing them, and Nike paid the fines imposed by the NBA.

Product Lines

Jordans have numerous product lines, which include:

  • Air Jordan: The original line launched in 1985, featuring the iconic designs and colorways that made them famous. Each year, a new Air Jordan model is released.
  • Jordan Retro: These shoes are re-releases of classic Air Jordan models, remaining faithful to the originals while incorporating modern materials and technologies.
  • Jordan Performance: Focusing on performance and functionality, this line offers basketball shoes designed for on-court use with advanced cushioning, support, and durability features.
  • Jordan Lifestyle: This line features casual and fashion-forward designs, including collaborations with top designers and celebrities. These shoes are often limited-edition releases and are highly sought after by collectors.

By combining unique designs, cultural impact, and the legendary status of Michael Jordan, Jordans have become a significant sub-brand under the Nike umbrella. 

With various product lines catering to different preferences, the Jordan brand continues to be popular among sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

Popularity and Culture

Influential Figures

Michael Jordan and Nike’s partnership played a significant role in the rise of sneaker culture. 

With his incredible basketball skills and iconic style, Jordan’s influence extended beyond the court and into popular culture. 

Many people were drawn to Air Jordans, eager to wear the sneakers endorsed by such a legendary athlete.

Celebrities like rappers and actors also embraced Air Jordans, further increasing their popularity. 

These influential figures often included the sneakers in their fashion choices, music, and other creative outlets, showing the world that Air Jordans were more than just athletic footwear.

Impact on Design

The collaboration between Nike and Michael Jordan led to the creation of unique and innovative designs for the Air Jordan sneakers. 

The shoes featured bold colors, cutting-edge materials, and eye-catching details inspired by Jordan’s performance and style. 

As a result, Air Jordans became more than just functional sports footwear – they were a fashion statement.

With each new release, the Air Jordan line continued to evolve and adapt, setting new trends in the sneaker industry. 

This constant innovation made the brand an icon in the world of footwear and fashion, as well as a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts.

To this day, the cultural impact of Air Jordan sneakers remains strong, not only in basketball but also in the broader realm of popular culture. 

As a result, they have become highly sought after and valuable, with collectors and fans willing to pay top dollar for limited edition releases and classic models.

Buying Jordans

In this section, we will cover how to identify authentic Jordans, understand their pricing, and offer some shopping tips to help beginner shoppers make informed purchases.

Identifying Authentic Jordans

To ensure you’re buying genuine Jordans, keep the following pointers in mind:

  1. Examine the Logo: Make sure the logo is clear and well-placed on the shoe.
  2. Check the Quality: Genuine Jordans are made with high-quality materials, including leather, mesh, and rubber. Examine the stitching, as it should be neat and evenly spaced.
  3. Verify the Style Number: Every Jordan model has a unique style number. You can find this number on the shoe’s inside tag or on its box. Cross-check the style number with the information available on the Nike website.

Pricing and Shopping Tips

When shopping for Jordans, consider the following pricing and shopping tips:

  • Understand the Pricing: Jordans can range from around $100 to over $200, depending on the model and its rarity. Keep in mind that limited edition and collaboration models may be more expensive. You can check the Nike website for retail prices.
  • Shop at Reputable Stores: To avoid counterfeit products, always shop at official Nike stores, authorized retailers, or well-known websites like GOAT.
  • Stay Updated on Releases: Follow sneaker news websites or join online communities to stay informed about upcoming Jordan releases, enabling you to buy them at retail price to avoid the resale market’s possible higher costs.
  • Compare Prices: When shopping online, compare prices across different websites and consider any shipping costs or import fees before making your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jordan Brand owned by Nike?

Yes, the Jordan Brand is owned by Nike. It was created as a subsidiary of the company, specifically for Michael Jordan and his signature line of shoes and other goods.

Do Jordan shoes feature the Nike logo?

Jordan shoes often feature the iconic Nike Swoosh logo alongside their own unique Jumpman logo. However, some Jordan models may only have the Jumpman logo, depending on the design of the shoe.

Has the Jordan Brand always been a part of Nike?

The Jordan Brand has been a part of Nike since its inception. In 1984, Nike signed Michael Jordan and released the first Air Jordan shoe in 1985. The brand has continued to be a major part of Nike’s portfolio ever since.

Who signed Michael Jordan to Nike?

It was Nike’s co-founder Phil Knight and marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro who signed Michael Jordan to the brand. They believed that Jordan had the potential to become a major star and could help boost Nike’s presence in the basketball market.

Are Air Jordan retros produced by Nike?

Yes, Air Jordan retros are produced by Nike. They are re-releases of the original Air Jordan sneakers, often featuring updated materials and colors. These sneakers remain popular among sneakerheads and Jordan fans.

What’s the connection between Michael Jordan and Nike?

Michael Jordan is the face of the Jordan Brand and has a strong connection with Nike. The Air Jordan shoes and other products were designed specifically for him, and he played an integral role in the brand’s growth and popularity. Today, Jordan remains an important figure for Nike and the Jordan Brand.

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